Projecten van prof. dr. R.A. (Robert) Schoevers | Waar vindt u ons | Zoek een medewerker (2024)

Projecten van prof. dr. R.A. (Robert) Schoevers | Waar vindt u ons | Zoek een medewerker (1)

Hoogleraar en afdelingshoofd Psychiatrie UMCG

Projecten van prof. dr. R.A. (Robert) Schoevers | Waar vindt u ons | Zoek een medewerker (2)

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PhD projects, with (expected) year of promotion

Version january 2024

  1. Sanne Apeldoorn “Oral ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression” RUG, 1st promotor (2024)

  2. Jolien Veraart; “ketamine for depression; mechanisms”, RUG, 1st promotor (2024)

  3. Joost Breeksema: "Qualitative research into the lived experience of patients, and psychotherapeutic mechanisms in clinical trials employing psychedelic substances in the treatment of a clinical disorder", RUG, 1st promotor (2024)

  4. Stella Druiven “chronobiology of mood disorders” RUG, 1st promotor (2024)

  5. Lino von Klipstein “Person oriented self-management in depression” RUG, 2nd promotor (2024)

  6. Gerben Ruesink; “the pleasure circle; a neurobiological view”, 1st promotor, (2024)

  7. Celien Tigchelaar: "The biochemistry of the neurotransmitter systems in blood and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with depression", RUG, 2nd promotor (2025)

  8. Mike Jentsch: "Biomarker panel research and development for MDD diagnostics", RUG, 1st promotor (2025)

  9. Astrid Lugtenburg; “depression and cognitive decline” RUG, 2nd promotor (2025)

  10. David Wedema; "Storytelling and Training to Advance Individual Recovery Skills", RUG, 1st promotor (2025)

  11. Annemiek Kamstra: "Is residential dialectical behaviour therapy and prolonged exposure (DBT-PE) (cost)effective for patients with severe PTSD and co-morbid (personality)disorders?", RUG, 1st promotor (2025)

  12. Jurriaan Strous: "ketamine for suicidality; markers and mechanisms" (2026)

  13. Gijs Roelandt: "ketamine for suicidality; clinical aspects" (2027)

  14. Martijn Godschalk: "oral esketamine versus ECT for patients with treatment resistant depression" (2027)

  15. Rosalie Fleurbaaij: "oral esketamine versus ECT for patients with treatment resistant depression" (2027)

  16. Juliana Lima Constantino; "using real world data to improve the outcome of depression treatments" (2027)

  17. Juliana Dean: "predicting the course of depression in clinical care" (2027)

  18. Rutger Boesjes: "sleep and depression; clinical and preclinical studies" (2028). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- finished PhD projects from here -------------------------

  19. Julian Burger: "the future of case formulation in clinical psychology", RUG, 2nd promotor, 2023 (cum laude)

  20. Date van der Veen “Anxiety in late-life depression” RUG, 2nd promotor, 2022

  21. Anouk de Wit “Can hormones get you down? studies on sex steroids and depression” RUG, 1st promotor, 2021 (cum laude)

  22. Madelien van de Beek “Risk factors for psychopathology in migrants” RUG, 1st promotor, 2021

  23. Ans Hovenkamp-Hermelink “The long-term course of anxiety disorders: An epidemiological perspective” RUG, 1st promotor, 2020

  24. Stefan Knapen “Rhythm & Blues” RUG, 1st promotor, 2019

  25. Claudia van Borkulo " Symptom network models in depression research" RUG, 1st promotor, 2018 (cum laude)

  26. Marije Swets “Obsessive compulsive symptoms in psychotic disorders” UVA Amsterdam, 2nd promotor, 2018

  27. Mia Scheffers; “Body image, psychopathology and psychom*otor therapy” 2018 RUG, 1st promotor.

  28. Karlijn Becking “MDD, Bipolar depression and inflammatory dysregulation” RUG, 1st promotor, 2018

  29. Katelijne van Emmerik – van Oortmerssen “ADHD and Substance Use Disorder” RUG, 1st promotor, 2018

  30. Sjoerd van Belkum; “Neuromodulation and depression” RUG, 1st promotor, 2018

  31. Anne Looijmans; “Lifestyle interventions in psychiatry” RUG, 1st promotor, 2018

  32. Mirjam Simoons ”Monitoring Outcomes of Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy (MOPHAR)” RUG, 2nd promotor, 2018

  33. Koen Hogenelst “Serotonin manipulations and social behavior” RUG, 2nd promotor, 2017

  34. Erin van Buel “Towards a neurobiological view of depression” RUG, 2nd promotor, 2017

  35. Tjalling Holwerda “Loneliness, depression and mortality” Amsterdam VU, 1st promotor, 2017

  36. Hanna van Loo; “Data-driven subtypes of major depressive disorder”, RUG, 1st promotor, 2015 (cum laude)

  37. Henricus Van “Exploring predictive factors in the treatment of major depression” Amsterdam VU, copromotor, 2008

  38. Saskia de Maat “On the effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy” Amsterdam VU, copromotor, 2007

  39. Simone Kool “Comorbidity of Major Depression and Personality Disorders” Amsterdam UVA, copromotor, 2005

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Projecten van prof. dr. R.A. (Robert) Schoevers | Waar vindt u ons | Zoek een medewerker (2024)
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