The 10 best games on Unblocked Games 77 (2024)

Sometimes, you just need to pass the time, and Unblocked Games 77 is ideal for exploring a few quirky titles while you’re waiting for the day to wind down finally. With a hefty repository of titles that all run in-browser, it can be challenging to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. Here are the best games available on Unblocked Games 77.

10. Slope

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Slope is a simple title that’s best experienced in shorter bursts. The premise is straightforward — you control a ball and attempt to slide down the titular slope as far as possible. The slope itself changes between runs, but there are no unlocks or the like to change up the unfettered graphics, which is a shame as the loud audio and green and black color scheme can become grating after a dozen runs or so. Still, it’s an undeniablyfun arcade game.

9. Run 3 Unblocked

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Where Slope opts for a highly contrasting art style, Run 3 Unblocked takes a classic premise and adds a cartoonish character to control. Race through a constantly evolving path, hopping over gaps and changing the walls into floors by strafing left and right. Run 3 Unblocked starts relatively simple and turns into a white-knuckle ride, but it’s rough having to restart at the beginning when you finally fail.

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8. Mr Bullet

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Mr Bullet takes the tried-and-true concept of bouncing your bullets around to eliminate various enemies on the screen. It’s not reinventing the wheel with this concept, but it’s absolutely a fun way to pass the time as you continue to progress through variously themed levels and enemies. Sometimes, the weapon will fire prematurely or make it difficult to restart a level, but all in all, it’s a quick treasure to burn some time.

7. Super Smash Flash 2

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While Super Smash Flash 2 could be construed as a bit obnoxious with blaring audio, that doesn’t remove that it’s a strong clone of the iconicSuper Smash Brosfranchise from Nintendo. With the ability to unlock dozens of characters through gameplay, an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master control scheme, and the ability to play with two players on the same keyboard, Super Smash Flash 2 has a surprising amount of depth. The worst part is the AI isn’t necessarily going to challenge most players — it’s common for them to fling themselves to their doom far more often than one would appreciate.

6. Cut the Rope 2

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Cut the Rope has seen a bevy of platforms of the years, and Cut the Rope 2 plays just as well as fans will remember. A physics-based puzzler, Cut the Rope 2 consists of simply trying to use the candy to grab all of the stars on each level, with the candy then falling into the monsters mouth. The only reason Cut the Rope 2 isn’t higher on this list is that the loading time between levels and needing to move back to the overarching map after the completion of every puzzle, greatly increases the amount of time you’re simply sitting around and waiting.

5. Friday Night Funkin

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It’sFriday Night Funkinas you know it — press the corresponding keys when they reach the top of the right side of the screen, and try to out-funk your AI opponent. It plays well on Unblocked Games 77, with accurate input timing and scrolling functioning as well can be expected. This title, however, won’t appeal to all gamers, as it tends to become rather repetitive surprisingly quick.

4. Apple Shooter

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Apple Shooter is another classic title, one that hearkens back to the beginning of Flash games on websites such asNewGrounds. With increasing distances and various wind effects, players must try to use the bow and arrow to pierce the apple on their friends’ head. Eventually, however, you will put the arrow through the head of your friend, instead of the apple, resetting the distance and wind.


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Nothing makes you realize you take your muscles working in harmony for granted like the classic title QWOP can. Taking part in the Olympics as a contestant from a woefully underfunded country, embrace the raucous cheers of fans as you manage to flip upside down and receive a head injury on the starting line. QWOP may be one of the best arcade games of all time, primarily due to how difficult it is to control.

2. Football Head

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You play as a head attached to a foot, and attempt to score the ball into your opponents goal in Football Head. Starting at Iron rank, players will ascend to become champions against various foot-head hybrids in this straightforward game. It’s simple but involves tons of strategy in the latter ranks. Don’t be surprised by how much time you end up sinking into this arcade title.

1. Retro Bowl

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This is the sameRetro Bowlthat rocked mobile devices, but it works just as well on the PC in Unblocked Games 77. Take control of a team at the tail-end of a disastrous season, manage a few key players, and lead your team to the top of the following season with training, complex plays, and more than a few field-goal attempts. Retro Bowl takes the top for us as it offers far more play time than most other titles here — it’s all you can eat American football.

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The 10 best games on Unblocked Games 77 (2024)
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