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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post primarily deals with Aldi in the United States. If you’re not in the U.S., you may be able to find help here.

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Sometimes you want to call Aldi to ask a question.

  • “Is my local store open on New Year’s Day?”
  • “Is a certain Special Buy (ALDI Find) product still in stock in my local store?”
  • “How do I get warranty service for an Aldi product I purchased?”

So are there any numbers you can use to call Aldi?

Aldi Phone Numbers

First off, a disclaimer: you cannot call an individual Aldi store to ask your questions. That’s because Aldi does not publish phone numbers for individual stores.In fact, Aldi does not publish any phone numbers of any kind on its site.

However, there are a few phone numbers associated with Aldi.

One of them is (800) 325-7894. This is an Aldi customer service number, which is sometimes advertised with product recalls and other problems. This is the official Aldi customer service number, which is available Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern time. When I called this number, I was given a number of options, including the option to talk to a real person.

A second number is Aldi’s corporate number, (630) 879-8100. I called this number and listened through a series of menu options, including an extension directory, employment opportunities/followup, warehouse delivery schedules and directions, marketing and advertising inquiries, real estate inquiries, and supplier opportunities. Some of the menu options repeated, but I stayed on the line and kept listening. Finally, the last prompt was for customer service. It led me to another menu, where I could press a number to learn about availability of a specific ALDI Find (Special Buy) product, or I could remain on the line to talk to a customer service representative. Interestingly, both of these options transfer you to a live person.With this number, if you’re trying to speak with a customer service rep, the key is to listen patiently through all of the menu options. Most of the early options relate to people who work for or with Aldi or who are seeking to work for or with Aldi, but if you wait, it will finally cycle around to customer service.

A third number is (855) 955-2534, which is listed on Google Maps for all U.S. stores. I called this number and got an automated recording that says store phone numbers are not published because Aldi follows a “streamlined staffing model, which is part of our approach to efficiency, which enables us to to keep costs low for our customers.” The recording then encourages customers to contact Aldi via its website, which offers email and U.S. mail contact information … and hangs up. So while this number is out there, it’s not particularly helpful.

Other Ways to Contact Aldi

If you go to Aldi’s U.S. website at www.aldi.us, you’ll find several options for contacting Aldi that don’t involve calling them. The site has a Frequently Asked Questions page that might answer your question. Or, if you’re looking for your local store’s hours, enter your zip code into the store locator page on Aldi’s website. If you’re looking for special holiday hours for stores, read our posts on holiday hours here and here.

If you still need to contact Aldi, you have three options.

There is a live chat to contact Aldi’s customer service. This service can typically be found on Aldi’s contact page and is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time. This allows you to talk to a real person live online.

There is an email form to contact Aldi’s customer service. It states Aldi representatives are available to respond to your email Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time. The email form requires you to provide your full name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and store location along with your written message. You also must select a subject line; choices are Product, Store Experience, Corporate Feedback and Questions, Careers, and Technical Assistance. You have the option to attach several photos to your email message if applicable.

While you may think a phone call would help you resolve issues faster than email, I’ve had good results the two times I have emailed Aldi over the years.Both times I received prompt and courteous responses. The first time, several years ago, I wrote expressing disappointment that my local Aldi had begun selling eggs in Styrofoam containers rather than recyclable/compostable cardboard containers. An Aldi representative wrote me back within a few days and explained that a fire had occurred at a plant that manufactured the compostable containers, so the Styrofoam containers were a temporary solution. Happily, the old compostable containers were back in my store within a few weeks.

The second time I emailed Aldi was this year in regard to warranty service for the SOHL Furniture Writing Desk I purchased, and you can read the details about how Aldi helped me here. I did not communicate the fact that I blog about Aldi products; to Aldi I was simply an ordinary customer. An Aldi representative wrote me back early during the next business day, and they gave me the first number above — (800) 325-7894 — to call if necessary. I did end up calling the number eventually, and in time my warranty issue was resolved.

Finally, there is a mailing address for physical correspondence. If you prefer to go the snail mail route, Aldi’s address is:

ALDI, Inc.
Attention: Customer Service
1200 N. Kirk Road
Batavia, IL 60510

I have never sent traditional mail through the U.S. Postal Service to Aldi, but I assume someone will eventually write you back or contact you if you choose this medium.

Final Thoughts:

While Aldi does not publish phone numbers for any of its individual stores, there are a number of ways to contact Aldi customer service by phone, chat, e-mail, or even traditional mail. While all of them are options, we think the best method for contacting Aldi is through email, as directed on Aldi’s website. Someone will get back to you, usually in a prompt and helpful manner.

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What is Aldi's Phone Number? | Aldi Reviewer (2024)
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